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    "Taylor Carano is a student of the blues, immersing himself in the sounds of the Mississippi delta from his homestead bordering on the Cuyahoga Valley." - Kyle Cochrun, 


      Currently, Taylor is playing festivals, bars, parks, bathrooms, wine bars, birthday parties and other live events throughout Ohio and neighboring states. Follow him on Songkick or any of his social media accounts for latest show dates! 

Taylor Carano @ Porch Rokr 2013
Latest News

What Else is Going On?

As of December 2020, Taylor, along with the other members of the Brown Liquor Band have just finished recording their debut album #BrownLiquorMusic. Produced and recorded by Erik Diaz, the Brown Liquor Band plans to release their debut in spring/summer 2021! 

#Iridescence is Taylor Carano's 4th solo album and features Austin Glosik and Kara Jones. "I wanted this album to sound like a stained glass window and have a constant flow of emotion." 

   "Friends of Friends"

      Available Now!! 


     Taylor Carano's third studio album is an eclectic mix of acoustic beauty, instrumental rock, and even some hip-hop. It includes all original material and features eight of Taylor's talented friends.

Where Hate & Ash Bury         Available Now!

Taylor Carano

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